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Referring Dentists

Dear Referring Dentists,

Hialeah Dental Specialty Associates, PL (HDSA) Is a comprehensive dental specialty facility. We offer care in the three specialties of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Endodontics, and Periodontics, with our goal to be an adjunct to the many General Practitioners and Orthodontists of our community.

We believe the treatment of your patients will be enhanced by the Interaction of our Specialists. Every Dentist, Orthodontist and patient knows the ordeal of visiting multiple specialists when comprehensive treatment is required.

The motivation behind the comprehensive specialty care approach has many facets. Our goal is to simplify the process while offering both individual and comprehensive treatment (as prescribed by you). Your patient will have one location to visit to see all the specialists. There will be one set of records for all to review with one set of x-rays and one medical history information form to fill out. In addition our office coordinator will be able to set up all appointments and help your patient get through the specialty minefield.

By providing "Best in Field" treatment, patients can be treated by the specialist most qualified to perform a particular procedure. Of course we will always follow your wishes and referrals to other specialists will only be done with your knowledge, permission, and full consultation. We are always aware that you have existing referral patterns that you are happy with. We hope you will choose the particular specialist at our facility to compliment that pattern. As always we will accept most insurance and managed care plans.

We look forward to serving you and your patients.

The Doctors and Staff of HDSA

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